Criteria For Weighting Donor Wall RFP’s

Criteria for weighting RFP content and Responses

The following suggestions for content and weighting should be considered when issuing an RFP for a suitable partner to assist you with your donor recognition strategy.

Company Overview – 10%

  • What type of company are they and what is the experience level of the key players who will be working with you?
  • Does the company have the needed qualifications to handle a project of your scope?
  • What is their background & area of expertise?
  • Can they demonstrate their understanding of how Donor Recognition should fit in your overall strategy?
  • What value adds will they bring to your project?

Track Record of Installations & Satisfied Clients –  30%

  • Examples, References & Testimonials of completed projects in the same scope as your requirements
  • Number of facilities with multiple completed projects
  • Project management track record – projects that have been completed on time and within budget.

Proposed Methodology & Management of Systems –  20%

  • What methodology will be followed to ensure the project proceeds in view of a timely installation?
  • What type of support services are offered for future maintenance of the recognition creation?

Proposed Design Rationale –  20%

  • Inclusion of a design concept complete with written description of the rationale behind its inception. The rationale should demonstrate the company’s ability to provide designs and/or revisions that will support and enhance your vision.

Budget Pricing based on Information Provided – 20%

  • What products and services are included? Compare not only how this meets your needs, but also how this compares to other companies’ responses.
  • *Note: Meaningful budget pricing requires a provision of a minimum of information from the client’s end such as location, materials/finishes preferred, design type (traditional or modern), client’s vision, etc.

Please contact us if any clarification is required, or if you have any specific questions regarding your individual needs.