Your Donor Recognition Project Planner

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In our experience, we’ve found that a significant amount of the stress generated for any project is getting it started.

So we created a donor recognition project planner to assist our clients. The planning process can be a difficult time – especially if you or your organization is relatively new to it. We’re going to help you make this as smooth as possible.

This Donor Recognition Project Planner will help guide you through process – enabling you to set key dates and milestones, and know exactly what’s on the horizon.

Target Installation Date:

1. Decision Making Process

  • Consider who will work with you
  • Calculate your budget range
  • Determine types of recognition you need to accomplish:
    • Static
    • Cumulative
    • Annual
    • Electronic
  • Consider possible locations
  • Map out the decision-making process
  • Survey the Board/CEO etc. for their vision and input
  • Set the target date for installation
  • Will there be an unveiling event? When?
  • Create a backwards timeline
  • Communicate to internal stakeholders

2. Vendor Selection Process

  • Determine capacity (# of donors plus growth room for ______ years)
  • What are the preferred types of recognition?
    • Static
    • Cumulative
    • Annual
    • Electronic
  • Are there to be naming opportunities? If so, for what? (Facility name? Area Names? Etc.)
  • Establish Vendor selection process
    – Negotiated
    – RFP
  • Start Vendor selection process
    – No RFP Process (less time consuming)
  • Search for potential Vendor
  • Contact & obtain presentations
  • Select Vendor
    – RFP Process (more time consuming)
  • Create RFP
  • Select minimum 4 potential vendors
  • Shortlist to 2
  • Schedule presentations from shortlist

3. Pre – Installation Management

  • Collect 2, maximum 3 drafts of designs
  • Gather internal feedback on draft designs
  • Obtain finalized design & firm pricing
  • Secure Management approvals/sign off on price/design
  • Ascertain donor tracking system is up to date
  • Create acknowledgment statement
  • Determine name (of display) & facility logo(s) to be displayed
  • Provide categories to Vendor
  • Deliver Vector logos, photos etc. to Vendor

4. Installation Preparation

  • Provide Facilities contact name to Vendor
  • Connect IT contact to Vendor
  • Complete and deliver the final donor list to Vendor
  • Proofing process for donor names
  • Final approval of donor names
  • Are electrical/data ports/ etc. in place and working?
  • Check connectivity for Electronic Recognition

5. Post Installation