Enhancing Success by Embracing Change

Obviously, if a donor is interested in making a solid contribution, they feel strongly about the cause. Maybe it’s something close to their heart; or an initiative that’s touched them or their families. Or perhaps, they simply want to make their community that much better. We can all relate to this. Chipping in to help feels good; and it is important to know that what we’re doing is making a difference. So, it’s no surprise that 98% of donors want to know about the impact of their gifts. This makes showcasing the campaign story even more important. Communicating with your donors through the donor recognition display engages new donors, and motivates existing donors to give more. And how they are recognized for their contributions will affect the levels of their donations.

Organizations have found donation increases from 10-20% associated with the recognition display. The right recognition strategy not only honours donors, but communicates with them. It can open up opportunities that have not previously existed, and allow you to capitalize on your donor recognition investment. It creates and enhances the sense of contribution and achievement donors feel, and acknowledges the difference they are making. This becomes part of their legacy. Something they, and their families, can look upon with pride for years to come.