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The Perfect Donor Wall Location

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Planning the right location for your Donor Recognition

A prospective donor could be walking into your facility at any moment. They could really be anyone in your community. Ensuring your story is visible could be the difference between a donation and moving on.

Imagine a prospective donor walks into your hospital to visit a family member. Thanks to the excellent care their loved one has received, they momentarily consider making a donation. But, due to a hidden-away recognition display that can’t reinforce this, the thought simply passes by. Out of sight, out of mind.

Now imagine that same person walking in and being greeted by a well-placed donor information center. The large, beautiful display captures the attention of all who enter the lobby – instantly providing information about your facility, your foundation, and your donors.

Your foundation’s cause and mission are readily viewable, the areas in need of funding are listed, and the benefits made possible by previous funding is detailed.  A potential donor could read patient stories about the impact donor gifts have made on their lives. They could also read donor stories with compelling reasons to give that they hadn’t thought of. And they can see who the million dollar donors are and maybe even find a few of their friends among the $50,000 donors. The good intentions to donate won’t be fleeting thoughts either. The strategic location will ensure they pass by twice during each visit. And the ‘how to donate’ information will be easily available; even accessible on their mobile device.

The impact of the right location

The location and impact of your donor recognition center are two of the most critical factors of your system planning process. Unfortunately, and surprisingly, these are often overlooked or downplayed. Every other detail could be planned perfectly and executed flawlessly — but without the right location, your project won’t be as successful as it could have been.

 Every other detail could be planned perfectly and executed flawlessly — but without the right location, your project won’t be as successful as it could have been.

Ensure your location is secured early on in the process – especially in a new-build situation. As a fundraiser, your efforts are key to making the build possible. Your input here is crucial. Implementing a recognition system is an important tool that will continue to raise additional funds for the facility.

To gather your input, there a few things that you should consider. You’ll need to determine if one location is best, or if multiple locations across multiple campuses, or entrances, makes more sense. Evaluate the traffic flow – not just the quantity of people, but who is actually passing through the area. For example, a dedicated employee recognition display could bolster staff engagement if it’s placed at an employee entrance rather than in the main lobby.

The right size in the right location

Choose a space that will allow you to adequately represent your organization. Your display needs to be large enough to be an attention grabber – to create a “wow” factor. Plus, it will need to contain all the critical information required to inform and motivate prospective, existing and past donors.

When Donor Recognition is done well, it will more than pay for itself. This can be an installation that provides a continuous ROI in the years to come. Planning for the right location and the right size will create the best conditions to capitalize on The Recognition Paradigm Shift®— paving the way for a future of fundraising success.

Contact us today and we can discuss the right location in your facility for a Donor Recognition display – a location that will perfectly fit your long-term fundraising goals.