Evolution of donor recognition Evolution of donor recognition

The Evolution of Donor Recognition

Evaluating donor recognition

Donor recognition is constantly changing and evolving. Donors want to connect with the impact of their gifts. Donor recognition is no longer about a simple thank you, but a direct connection to the impact donations have.

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Here at Brook Recognition, we’ve analyzed where donor recognition has been and what the future has in store. We know that there’s so much more it should be than what we’ve seen in the past – the opportunity is there to utilize donor recognition as an effective tool that is beneficial for everyone.

Yes, traditional recognition is still important. Showing our appreciation to donors for their generous gifts is job number one. But, we know that this is more than another piece of art on the wall. Donor recognition is an investment. An important investment. It’s a tool that you can use on an ongoing basis to continue your fundraising efforts and to communicate your initiative’s story.

The next generation of donors is fast approaching their prime giving years. Engaging them now is essential to gain their support in the future.

The Recognition Paradigm Shift® has impact

History has shown us the changing role of recognition in today’s fundraising initiatives – especially when it comes to connecting with younger donors. Millennials need to be communicated with, and be in control of that communication. They want to be involved and see real-time impact. They give to a cause – not an institution. This makes how you communicate your cause more important than ever before.

Donor recognition needs to be at the forefront of your foundation. It needs to be featured on your website and present at every other touchpoint with your donors. It needs to be a central feature in all communications about your cause. Your recognition display is the prime place to communicate the impact donors have when contributing to your cause. It should showcase the stories of the recipients of their generosity as well as profiling the donors.

Donor recognition should be a proactive tool that gives the fundraiser the ability to translate how donor generosity is transforming peoples’ lives.

It needs to be inspiring, beautiful, meaningful to the donors, and most importantly, an effective communication vehicle.

The future of donor recognition continues to evolve.

As philanthropy changes with the next generation of donors and becomes ever more global, fundraisers need the best return on investment for their donor recognition. An understanding of The Recognition Paradigm Shift® will provide you with the approach and tools you need to increase your donation dollars, retain your donors, and enhance your organization’s culture of philanthropy.